The Avril Lavigne-Melissa Vandella Conspiracy Theory Has Returned

The Avril Lavigne-Melissa Vandella Conspiracy Theory Has Returned

The Avril Lavigne-Melissa Vandella Conspiracy Theory Has Returned

And it's said that when Avril Lavigne died, she was replaced by this body double (Melissa), to make her fans none the wiser, and to continue her pop punk, Sk8er Boi domination.

Even the thread of the conspiracy theory posted by Givenchyass reads: "Avril lavigne is dead & was replaced by a look alike: a conspiracy theory thread".

A Twitter user who claims to be a 17-year old high school student and has over 13,000 followers detailed the claim in a thread which has since been liked and retweeted almost a quarter-of-a-million times in total, alleging that the singer took her own life in late 2003 after her grandfather's death. "Proof" has included Lavigne's red carpet shots (Lavigne wears pants; Melissa prefers dresses and skirts) and supposed differences between the facial features of pre-2003 Lavigne and the current incarnation. One other said, "Just got up to date on the Avril Lavigne conspiracy nearly had me believing it". After all, she hasn't gotten this much publicity since "Girlfriend" was released.

That said, it hasn't deterred believers in this conspiracy theory, which has been making its first resurgence since 2015 of late.

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"I'm really happy to announce that I am now working on new music and I will be releasing a new album in 2017", she wrote in an Instagram post. Others quote pictures of the singer with the word Melissa written in her hand.

Then when Avril "died" in 2003 at the height of her career, label bosses chose to cover up her death and continue to release songs by Avril, but using Melissa instead.

Avril Lavigne is dead. Another example is when Avril tweeted to promote a healthy snack, to which a jokester replied with "Avril Lavigne would never promote a slim secret bar".

Since then, though, more and more people have found evidence for the theory, attaining a sort of crowd-sourced legitimacy. Bustle reports that Vandella has not one single verified social media account, nor an IMDb page. "The jig is up Melissa" which garnered more than 15,000 retweets.

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"The CD is called "Avril Under My Skin", this is very suggestive!"

Avril herself has yet to comment on the conspiracy theory.

"Conspiracy stories - particularly ones involving celebrities - are entertaining and often ridiculous enough that they get circulated because they are amusing".

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