Trump Makes Puzzling Claim about Andrew Jackson, Civil War

Trump Makes Puzzling Claim about Andrew Jackson, Civil War

Trump Makes Puzzling Claim about Andrew Jackson, Civil War

"He said, there's no reason for this", said Trump.

But Jackson died in 1845, and the Civil War didn't begin until 16 years later, in 1861.

The guest, who wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Andrew Jackson, whom the President admires, soon added that "the presidency itself enhances your fundamental characteristics".

Lord went on to say the President was attempting to argue Jackson - a slave owner - would have been more decisive in ending slavery had he arrived in the White House many years later.

The conversation about Trump's questionable opinions on the Civil War all began after the aforementioned interview with the Washington Examiner was publicized on Monday.

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In other words, the only way the Civil War could have been "worked out" without Southern secession was if Lincoln and the Northern states had promised to tolerate slavery forever and agreed to hand over every runaway slave who crossed into free states. And I said, when was Andrew Jackson?

The civil war was fought over slavery - the enslavement in the United States of African Americans - and related territorial, economic and cultural struggles.

In a new interview on SiriusXM's "Main Street Meets the Beltway", Trump literally wondered aloud why the Civil War happened.

Trump has a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office and recently paid homage to Jackson by celebrating his 250th birthday with a visit to his Tennessee home.

It was a crisis that could have precipitated a civil war but did not, largely because in addition to threatening military action, Jackson orchestrated a compromise requiring Congress to lower the tariffs and SC to drop its ordinance.

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Donald Trump's comments about the Civil War sent Twitter into overdrive on Monday morning with Chelsea Handler leading the charge against the commander-in-chief. During a Sunday interview on Sunday's Face the Nation, Trump grew agitated when Dickerson asked him if he had ever asked Barack Obama for advice.

Still, the president keeps on trucking, setting a great example for students everywhere: There is no such thing as a stupid question, and there is never shame in asking what you don't know. "And I think, in this case, that's on a potentially tragic trajectory". And frankly it should be discussed. "And we should find out what the hell is going on".

Trump: "You can take [it] any way".

President Donald Trump always ends his self-reverential rallies with the Rolling Stone song "You Can't Always Get What You Want". People don't ask that question. "You can have your own opinions". "Thank you very much".

It is a comment on the intelligence and honesty of Clinton and Lee that they do not say their Democratic Party was the party of slavery that ultimately caused the war.

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