When a young Zuckerberg received his acceptance letter from Harvard

When a young Zuckerberg received his acceptance letter from Harvard

When a young Zuckerberg received his acceptance letter from Harvard

"Are you serious?" his father Edward Zuckerberg asks.

Eventually the pyjama-wearing teen is able to find the words and declares somewhat lacklusterly: "Yay, I got accepted". Almost 15 years after that, he will get his honorary degree at commencement next Thursday. It shows an anxious teenage boy, ready to find out if he got into his dream school, and is being filmed by an excited and proud father.

Mark then chuckles happily and pumps his fist showing more emotion as the news sinks in.

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Flynn's clearance was renewed before officials learned Russian Federation paid him 34-thousand dollars for a speech in Moscow.

To help grow Facebook, Zuckerberg never finished college and dropped out in his Sophomore year to more to California.

He launched the first version of his social network in his dorm room in February 2004 and packed in his studies later that year.

That worked out pretty well for him though, since he founded TheFacebook.com in his second year at Harvard before moving out to Palo Alto to work on what would become a website used by nearly two billion people worldwide. "I got accepted", were the words he first said when he found he got accepted into the elite university.

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The couple who met in Harvard as far back as 2003 and got married in 2012 have a child together and another on the way.

"That was definitely not my plan", Zuckerberg replied. One lesson I've learned from marriage is that exploring together just gets better over time. "Now I suppose the cycle is complete", he posted.

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