WWE Backlash lineup: Eight matches advertised for Sunday's Smackdown event

WWE Backlash lineup: Eight matches advertised for Sunday's Smackdown event

WWE Backlash lineup: Eight matches advertised for Sunday's Smackdown event

The SmackDown go-home show for Backlash was built around an opening match of Jinder Mahal vs. AJ Styles and a main event of Randy Orton vs. Baron Corbin.

In addition, a few weeks after officially taking Chris Jericho out of action, Kevin Owens tonight will be stealing Jericho's segment by hosting an episode of The Highlight Reel. Styles vowed to beat Owens at Backlash and take the US Title.

Jinder Mahal and his associates, the Singh Brothers, entered the ring. Also, Kevin Owens hosts his own version of the Highlight Reel and there is a contract signing for the big six-woman tag team match this Sunday.

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Randy Orton def. Baron Corbin via pinfall: An entertaining match between the two with Corbin getting his fair share of offense against The Viper.

For May 16, Mahal has a fight scheduled with AJ Styles. Kevin Owens, who was on commentary during the match, uses this opportunity to hit Styles' leg with his U.S. title, giving Mahal the chance to take over. Owens brings out his guest, but AJ Styles decides to crash the show. Styles said that they don't have to wait until Sunday, which led to Jinder Mahal walking out and said that he was supposed to appear on the show. Dun-dunn! Tyler Breeze goes undercover as a janitor, totally fooling his partner, Fandango. This allowed Carmella to roll Naomi up for the win. Orton hit the RKO for the win. Mahal tells him that there have been plenty of opportunities for RKOs and Randy hasn't caught him yet. Rusev upped the ante, stating that he will confront Shane McMahon on SmackDown Live since he has yet to get a response from him.

-Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler.

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With the next SmackDown Live building up to Money in the Bank, it will be interesting if Rusev's demands are fulfilled, and he gets to face Orton in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

We're back with Corbin in control of Orton. Orton hit a powerslam then hit a DDT off the second rope.

With a loaded show featuring all the big angles for their upcoming pay-per-view (PPV), you'd think SmackDown could match the modest audience gain Raw made the night before. The three-on-one assault comes to an end after Mahal hits his Full Nelson Slam and poses with the WWE Championship.

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