Bella Bond's mother says she's ashamed she didn't call 911

Bella Bond's mother says she's ashamed she didn't call 911

Bella Bond's mother says she's ashamed she didn't call 911

"I'm ashamed of it, " she said.

After Bella was killed, Rachelle Bond said that McCarthy put her body into a duffel bag with weights and threw it into Boston Harbor.

At the time, authorities were trying to identify the body of a little girl that had washed up on Deer Island on June 25, 2015, a child who was initally known only as "Baby Doe".

According to Deakin, after Bond and McCarthy dumped Bella's body, the pair proceeded to become "intoxicated for several days after". Rachelle Bond at one point testified that Bella may have been killed the next day.

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Shapiro says that during her first interview with police following her arrest, Rachelle made up another story for police-about McCarthy wrapping Bella's body in bags and placing her in the refrigerator.

"No", replied a stone-faced Bond, whose testimony against McCarthy and her guilty plea to helping him cover up the infamous "Baby Doe" case were part of a deal worked out with prosecutors for less time.

The 41-year-old Bond testified last week that she saw the 37-year-old McCarthy fatally punch her daughter, Bella Bond, in the stomach sometime in June 2015 after she wouldn't go to bed.

Shapiro asked her Tuesday morning why she didn't fight back against McCarthy the night he allegedly killed her daughter.

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"But it's the truth, I was scared", Bond said. She said she wanted to tell Amoroso first, before telling the police; she also claimed she wanted to contact an attorney. She said she was using mostly so she wouldn't have to think about her daughter's death. Shapiro asked her why she wasn't anxious that he would give her an overdose, to which she responded, "I don't know if at that time I really cared if I died".

During opening statements, Jonathan Shapiro, McCarthy's defense attorney, said it was Bella's mother who believed children could be possessed by demons - not McCarthy.

Shapiro also needled Rachelle Bond over "getting away" with Bella's death.

"At the end of this trial you will realize that Rachelle was projecting her own delusions onto Michael, and that she blamed him for what she in fact did", Shapiro said.

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Under cross-examination Tuesday, Bond reiterated that she didn't speak up about her daughter's death because she was afraid of McCarthy.

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