Christy Clark to stay on as B.C

Christy Clark to stay on as B.C

Christy Clark to stay on as B.C

The agreement does not oblige the Greens to support the NDP on every vote - just confidence votes like budgets and throne speeches.

Horgan said the deal will also allow the province to defend coastal waters, an apparent reference to the expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline that will result in a seven-fold increase in tanker traffic off B.C.

NDP leader John Horgan and Green leader Andrew Weaver made the accord between their two parties official this afternoon.

What we got were platitudes from Clark about the message from voters being about cooperation, ill-advised bluster from B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver about forcing a change to the voting system without a referendum, and hollow rhetoric from NDP leader John Horgan that nearly 60 per cent of voters rejected the B.C. Liberals.

The Liberals won the most seats in the legislature, but fell one seat short of a majority. "This is a moment comes with responsibilities", Clark said.

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Open, I think about Payne Stewart (who died later that year in a plane crash) and I can't believe how quickly time has gone by". Mickelson has not officially withdrawn, but it seems only a first-round weather washout could allow him to participate.

The Green-NDP deal pledges to "immediately refer the Site C dam construction project to the B.C. Utilities Commission", but Horgan confirmed there will be no halt to construction while a review proceeds. "Traditionally, when we have an election, there's a victor on election night and the next day that group of individuals gets access to the transition documents that have been created by the public service to inform and advise and brief the incoming government", Horgan said this week.

"This is a project that provides clean energy, clean power ... we are going to need secure, reliable energy", Mr. Gardner said.

"There may be debate but at the end of the day we're quite confident in the strength of our position".

She says both are getting more extreme in their views, and some long-time members may be feeling underwhelmed, frustrated and disgusted by their tactics.

"We can have a stable minority government for four years with the support of B.C. Green MLAs on confidence and supply matters", Weaver said.

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Worldwide leaders responded by reaffirming their commitment to the agreement, even if the U.S. backs away. Solheim said with the Paris Agreement, the globe has seen the emergence of a more positive debate.

Phillips said Weaver should read up on Alberta's climate leadership plan before commenting next time. "We want to make sure that the public knows, more importantly than the Lieutenant Governor, that there is a tangible symbol of our support and that's this document". The bottom line is, as the representative for Fraser-Nicola, I'll go to Victoria, we'll do the work, and we'll work with whatever is in place.

Norman Ruff, a longtime observer of B.C. politics, described the NDP-Green plan as ambitious and evidence of their political will to join in ousting the Liberals from office.

Proportional representation would solidify the Greens as a player on B.C.'s political scene and likely have them hold the balance of power for years to come.

Horgan has said he wouldn't want to change the electoral system without a referendum.

Clark noted that negotiations with the Green party were unsuccessful.

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