Ex-MMA fighter gets 36 years to life in kidnap, beating case

Ex-MMA fighter gets 36 years to life in kidnap, beating case

Ex-MMA fighter gets 36 years to life in kidnap, beating case

Former mixed martial arts fighter War Machine was sentenced to life in prison Monday for kidnapping, beating and sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2014, and beating her male friend when he found them together. The New York Post reports he will be eligible for parole after 36 years behind bars.

Mack, shown here in March, said in court Monday that she knew Koppenhaver would try to kill her if and when he gets out of prison.


"I'm just glad that I've finally woken up and seen the truth", War Machine said.

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Are you surprised to hear that War Machine was sentenced to life in prison? The man born Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver will never see the light of day after being found guilty of repeatedly beating his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.

Although War Machine had initially pleaded not guilty to all counts, his attorney, Jay Leiderman, admitted during trial to at least 8 of the lesser counts, which included domestic battery charges.

Mackinday said at trial that Koppenhaver knocked out her teeth, broke her eye socket, fractured her rib and ruptured her liver in a 2014 attack.

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Koppenhaver hit Mack, left, in the ear with the handle of a kitchen knife, "sawed off" her Mohawk and beat her to the point of blacking out during the two-hour attack.

. Koppenhaver was offered 16 years to life previously and turned it down.

"I would really like to say to everyone that they can trust in the justice system", Mackinday said (via MMA Fighting).

The sentence was actually more than the prosecution requested (32 years to life). The earliest War Machine will be seeing the light of day will be at age 71.

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"I hate that I had to hurt the woman I love". 14-5 as a pro, he went 2-1 in Bellator, and 1-1 in the UFC, as well as appearing on The Ultimate Fighter Season 6. "I was a very, very lost, very empty person", Koppenhaver added in his statement.

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