Former US cop who fatally shot black man acquitted

He shot and killed 23-year-old Sylville Smith following a foot chase last summer, igniting two days of violence in the city's Sherman Park neighborhood.

Officers chased Smith on foot after he ran from a traffic stop near 44th and Auer.

The video showed that at the time the officer fired a second shot, Mr. Smith no longer had a gun and was on the ground - "hands up, with no place to go", said the prosecutor, John Chisholm.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said in a statement via Twitter, "A year ago I told the public I'd seen nothing in the video that was a violation of the law or policy".

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His testimony centered on the 1.69 seconds separating the two shots. Bodycam footage showed 1.69 seconds passed between a shot that hit Smith in the arm - as he appeared to be tossing his gun - and the one that hit his chest. The death sparked two days of riots in Milwaukee.

Heaggan-Brown was sacked from the Milwaukee Police Department last fall on sexual assault charges, according to the New York Times. The crimes are not connected to Smith's death, but they are the reason he was sacked from the Milwaukee police force. Heaggan-Brown was facing 60 years in prison if he was convicted. The sexual assault case was not mentioned during the trial because it is being handled separately and knowledge of it could prejudice the jury.

"He knew that Sylville Smith was attempting to surrender". Not only did they acquit him on the first-degree reckless homicide charge, but they also declined to choose lesser options that included second-degree reckless homicide and homicide by negligent operation of a unsafe weapon.

"According to the complaint, Smith had tossed his gun over a fence and was lying on the ground unarmed when the second bullet killed him", the member station added.

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The former officer still faces charges in an unrelated sexual assault investigation. As they exited their squad auto, Mr. Smith, who was armed with a handgun, darted away and ran into a yard with a chain-link fence. It was at that point that Heaggan-Brown shot him again ... fatally. In the morning, Officer Heaggan-Brown left the man at a hospital and texted a superior at the Police Department that he had made a mistake and needed "to handle this in the most secret and right way possible".

In Heaggan-Brown's bodycam video, he began chasing Smith immediately after stepping out of his patrol auto.

Defense attorneys for Heaggan-Brown argued he had to act quickly to defend himself from Smith. According to Fox6, jurors also had the option to pick from two lesser charges instead of first-degree reckless homicide.

The 12 person jury, which included four blacks, sided with the defense. Smith and Heaggan-Brown are both black.

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But Heaggan-Brown's attorneys say he feared for his safety and had to make a split-second decision.

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