Girl's actions caused her to fall from NY park ride

Matthew Howard Sr. and his daughter, Leeann Winchell, say they were about to leave Six Flags Great Escape near Albany, New York on Saturday when they saw the 14-year-old dangling from the "Sky Ride" gondola.

"He was screaming, 'You got to help her, she can't hold her, she's going to fall, she's slipping, she's choking, she can't breathe, her head is caught", Lent said.

The girl, 14, was taken to Albany Medical Center, where she was reported to be in stable condition with no serious injuries, CBS reported.

The park conducted a full investigation and safety inspection of the ride, and found that it was in ideal working order. The park remains closed for an internal review.

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An amusement park may seem like the flawless place to spend summer vacation, but it quickly became a nightmare for one teenage girl.

As of Monday, police had not yet interviewed the girl, but medical tests have ruled out a medical problem as the cause of her fall, according to Stokedale.

The girl received a minor injury to her back when she was caught by several passersby, and she was resting comfortably at the hospital, according to the New York Daily News.

"As part of our annual practice an evacuation drill is conducted in partnership with local emergency personnel on this particular ride each spring", she said in an emailed response.

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The teenager was in the Sky Ride gondola with her brother, when she suddenly slipped under a metal restraining bar. Howard even reassured her by saying: "I'll catch you, honey".

Winchell, who is applying to be a nurse, said they visited the girl Sunday at the hospital and she was in good spirits.

Howard told the girl to fall and promised he'd catch her.

"God put us in the right place at the right time". The operator stopped the ride after learning a rider was in trouble.

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