Google for Jobs is Now Available in English on Desktop and Mobile

Google for Jobs is Now Available in English on Desktop and Mobile

Google for Jobs is Now Available in English on Desktop and Mobile

And since you're not generally interested in all job positions that surface in the search results, you can filter the results based on the criterion you wanna choose. Google also says that developers and site owners who push their listings via other sites including LinkedIn, Monster, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and Facebook are also eligible for the new Google for Jobs program.

Why is LinkedIn working with Google?

As for the actual application process itself, Google doesn't want to get in the way here and it's not handling any of the process after you have found a job on its service.

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Now open for developers, site owners, and recruiters on mobile and desktop, Google for Jobs aims to make job hunting - a hard and stressful time for most - easier for the unemployed or those looking for fresh opportunities. No more having to visit five different sites to look for job listings: You can now just type "jobs near me", "teaching jobs", or a similar query into Google to see what's available in your area.

To create a comprehensive list of jobs, Google first needs to remove all the duplicate entries posted earlier, followed by its machine learning algorithms categorizing them accordingly.

Google has been cooperating with key providers in the market to help them address the changes. If the technology giant succeeds in making its platform the go-to address for job seekers, then many companies may lose incentive to use dedicated recruiting portals. Google will also show employer ratings from current and former workers, as well as typical commute times to where a job is located.

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Once a person has selected a job, Google will redirect the user to the actual site where the user can apply for the job. Upon getting results, notifications can be turned on for immediate alerts of new job postings. Basically, anything that seems like a job-seeking search, Google will offer targeted job filtering. "We're trying to inject the power of Google into this experience", Zakrasek said. Google also assured a new filter to the Search Analytics report to this Google job search feature.

"We are happy to see that 13 years after Indeed launched, Google has woken up to the fact that searching for jobs is one of the most important searches in anyone's life", Indeed president Chris Hyams said in a statement".

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