London police seeking two missing Aussies

The Foreign Minister was discussing Saturday's Islamic terror attack at London Bridge live on Seven News yesterday when, believing the cameras had stopped rolling, spoke candidly to the Prime Minister saying: "I don't know how many times we're going to do this". They believe she may have dropped her phone while fleeing.

Ms Zelenak's stepfather Mark Wallace said from Brisbane that United Kingdom authorities had been unable to shed any light on where she was following the attack on Saturday night (Sunday AEST). "I think he was stabbing him", Pri said.

"Authorities in London can't give any information, they are in a terror lock down, so there's just no ability to find out or get any information".

The ABC understands Australian consular staff in London are now working with Ms Zelenak's friends to try to track her down.

It is understood Ms Zelenak, who works as a nanny in London, was previously in regular contact with her family while overseas.

Trump pushes for peace in ME
Abbas said the Palestinians "are committed to working with [Trump] to reach a historic peace deal between us and Israel". Trump is due to meet Pope Francis on Wednesday, becoming the 13th president to visit the Vatican.

"We both got curious and went back a few steps to see what had happened when people started running and shouting "run".

The spokesman said a casualty bureau had been set up to assist people trying to find family members who may have been caught up in the attacks.

All three attackers were shot and killed by armed police within 8 minutes of the attack first being reported.

Hedge, a 34-year-old waitress, has been living in Britain for about a year and was working in the Borough Markets area where witnesses say she was stabbed as she tried to hide under a table.

"She works in a restaurant near there and I'm not sure if it was in the restaurant or in the other area around it like markets - and she was hiding apparently and someone was leaving and saw her hiding and came back and stabbed her - bloody bad", her grandfather, Brian Hedge, told the ABC.

Doctor in Trump Hotel case released but due back in court
Lisa DellaRatta, a nurse practitioner in Florida, said she had known him for more than 25 years and used to live with him. The documents also say Moles said he was a "refugee intent on bringing down big pharmacy and big business medicine".

Taking to Facebook Candice, who has been working in hospitality in London for just under a year, assured her loved ones she was doing OK: "Hey everyone, just so you know I'm doing Ok".

Mr Morrison is on his way home and due to land on Tuesday after receiving stitches for a stab wound he received while leaving a bar after watching the Champions League soccer final.

SITE said in a statement today that the ISIS run Aamaq news service cited "a security source" in the Arabic-language posting claiming the attack.

The comment on the killings - which left seven dead and 48 wounded, including two Australians on Saturday night - is not thought to have referred to the number of takes or times the Australian Government has had to weigh in but rather the minister's frustration at the worrying rise in terror attacks in England and Australia.

Social media rushes to define Trump's 'covfefe' tweet
Griffin had previously defended the picture, saying it was "nothing more than art", but now says she sees why it disturbed people. OBVIOUSLY, I do not condone ANY violence by my fans or others to anyone, ever! "I was wrong", she tweeted. "I went too far".

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