Putin Says A Child Could Fake Hacking Evidence

Also, while many world leaders have condemned Trump's decision on Thursday to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Putin said he "wouldn't blame Trump" for leaving the accord, though he hoped the Oval Office occupant would set new climate change rules.

ST PETERSBURG, Russia, June 2 Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday he believed there was still time to get a global climate change deal done despite U.S. President Donald Trump saying he was pulling his country out of a landmark pact.

During the wide ranging press conference in St. Petersburg, Mr Putin also discussed allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 United States election, and his view that Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance need to cooperate to fight terrorism.

Asked about the "fingerprints", IP addresses allegedly belonging to Russian hackers, he said those could have been easily rigged and couldn't stand as credible evidence.

Apple's Siri Speaker is reportedly in the works
The company also considered including sensors that would measure a room's acoustics and automatically adjust audio levels. It was reported earlier this month that Apple employees were testing the Siri speaker in their homes for several months.

He said that the Democrats should have simply agreed that they had failed to attract voters.

Russian President Vladimir Putin turned the tables on claims the Kremlin meddled in the USA presidential election, with a feisty Putin on Friday accusing American spies of "crude and systematic" widespread interference in Russian affairs. When asked if he will side with the USA or the other nations in the Paris deal, he said, "It is not a question of which way I go".

U.S. intelligence agencies have accused Russian Federation of hacking into Democratic Party emails, helping Donald Trump's election victory, and congressional and FBI investigations into the Trump campaign's ties with Russian Federation have broken the Kremlin's hopes for a detente with Washington. "That is it. If there is something specific, then it will be a subject of discussion", Putin said. "Don't worry, be happy", Putin quipped in the presence of Prime Minister Modi at the Plenary Session of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017 in Russian Federation.

Probes have centered on former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was sacked three weeks into his tenure after lying about his contact with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak and former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Trump condemns killing of pair who tried to stop racist rant
Portland police spokesman said the suspect was using "hate speech or biased language" when riding on the train. Christian is now being held without bail on various charges included aggravated murder, according to police.

His lawyer said in January that Snowden had the right to remain in Russia until 2020 and to apply for Russian citizenship in 2018. Putin added that USA participation is essential for the success of global efforts.

He underlined the importance of the Paris climate accord, but noted that it's a framework agreement offering a broad room for maneuver for each signatory nation.

"The problem isn't us, the problem is inside USA politics", he said.

India is committed to protecting climate, irrespective the Paris agreement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here today but avoided a direct reference to the United States withdrawing from the worldwide deal.

Islamist militants kill 19 in south Philippines: army
Hapilon, who is also wanted by the United States, was the target of Tuesday's attempted raid in Marawi, but was not captured. At least four people, including a priest, were reportedly seized by militants of the terrorist group.

President Vladimir Putin has urged U.S. businessmen to use their influence to help normalize Russia-U.S. relations.

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