South Sudan's displaced see little chance of peace

South Sudan's displaced see little chance of peace

South Sudan's displaced see little chance of peace

A report published today by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, found that there were 65.6 million people forcibly displaced worldwide at the end of 2016, the highest number since UNHCR was founded in 1950.

All in all, more than 737,000 people fled the conflict in South Sudan previous year.

At the same time, a further 189,300 refugees were accepted for resettlement across 37 countries, while many others returned home.

There are plans to expand the programme and open similar sites throughout the country to give assistance and hope to millions of displaced people, although both hope and cash are in short supply.

The figures released ahead of World Refugee Day showed that a full 10.3 million of the world's displaced people fled their homes a year ago alone, including 3.4 million who crossed global borders to become refugees.

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The number of people displaced by armed conflict or government persecution reached a seven-decade high at the end of 2016, according to the United Nations division responsible for monitoring global refugees.

"By any measure this is an unacceptable number", UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said in a statement accompanying the report. While civil conflicts have driven many Somalis out, there have also been desperate conditions such as famines and droughts that have forced people to leave the country.

Syria's civil war is still the largest source of refugees (5.5 million), but the turmoil in South Sudan was newest largest factor, uprooting 1.87 million people to date.

Turkey hosts the most refugees at 2.9 million.

- Unaccompanied or separated children - mainly Afghans and Syrians - lodged some 75,000 applications in 70 countries in 2016.

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The Trump administration has vowed to restrict refugees and toughen immigration through "extreme vetting" and a proposed suspension of visas for people from six predominantly Muslim nations.

UNHCR produces its Global Trends report annually based on its own data, the data it receives from its partner the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, and data it receives from governments. Afghanistan was second with 2.5 million and South Sudan was third with 1.4 million. South Sudan saw the fastest-growing population displacement situation in 2016, with a total of 3.3 million people having fled their homes, according to the report.

This huge imbalance reflects several things including the lack of consensus internationally when it comes to hosting refugees, and the proximity of many poor countries to regions of conflict.

Amnesty said only 18 percent of the required funding for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda had been met as of May.

He said about 2,000 people crossed the border from South Sudan into Uganda each day over the last twelve months.

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A cross-section of refugees from different countries such as Sri Lanka, Iraq, Sudan and Myanmar, on Saturday took out a rally in Chennai, where they live, to highlight issues concerning the community of refugees.

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