Woman hangs by her teeth over Niagara Falls!

However, that concept has been talked about ever since Wallenda's televised tight rope walk, and half a decade later it remains - at least publicly - nothing more than conceptual. #ErendiraWallenda hangs over @NiagaraFallsUSA by her teeth.

She wore a tether around a waist, in keeping with NY laws that require performers to wear safety harnesses if they are higher than 20 feet in the air.

Transported by a helicopter, Erendira sat in a hula hoop and performed multiple acrobatic flips before using only a mouth piece to suspend from the circle. There are eight generations of performers on her mother's side who have been part of the third-oldest circus in Australia, she said, and seven generations on her father's side, which tours in Mexico City.

She said as an artist and as a daredevil, there's something "almost magical" about the falls.

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In addition, she received a proclamation for the performance and the legislature declared June 16 "Erendira Wallenda Day" in the county.

The couple has strong toothpaste - and a "very understanding dentist", Nik Wallenda said.

It was as children watching their parents perform that Nik and Erendira met. When Erendira turned 18, the two daredevils got married. "I don't think people realize the magnitude of Niagara Falls around the world".

"As an artist and a daredevil I guess, there is something abut it, something nearly magical that draws you to it", she said. In 2012, Nik's walk generated an economic impact of $21.5 million and $3.3 million in direct revenues to the City of Niagara Falls, Fox News reported.

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A last name synonymous with high-flying stunts pulls off another one at Niagara Falls. Nikolas recalled his wife saying.

"I have not seen anything like that and honestly don't know if they even exist at this point", Tompkins said.

"I was like, 'Absolutely".

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