After angering China, Trump talks with its leader about North Korea

After angering China, Trump talks with its leader about North Korea

After angering China, Trump talks with its leader about North Korea

President Xi Jinping (習近平) confirmed that in yesterday's phone call with President Donald Trump, in which Xi said US-China relations had been affected by negative factors since the two men met for the first time at the Mar-a-Lago summit in Florida in April. "Failure in the Clinton administration, failure in the Bush administration, failure in the Obama administration, all based on the same policy, that North Korea should be negotiated out of its nuclear weapons program through diplomacy and sanctions".

China's summary of the presidential phone call said that Trump reaffirmed the long-standing USA policy recognizing Beijing as the sole legitimate government of China.

The call came a day after a U.S. naval destroyer cruised near disputed territory claimed by the Chinese in the South China Sea. State-run media reports during a phone call with President Trump, President Xi expressed displeasure over USA sales of arms to Taiwan.

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Trump put the onus back on China Tuesday after the latest missile tested by North Korea landed in waters near Japan. So much for China working with us - but we had to give it a try!

Mr Trump called Mr Xi and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe separately on Sunday night, with the phone calls focused on the threat North Korea's nuclear ambitions pose to regional peace. The White House said the two leaders shared a commitment to dealing with North Korea. (Nevermind, of course, that China has always been key to this US effort, and that this fact didn't stop Trump from repeatedly making this promise during the campaign).

"The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed, many years it has failed", Trump said recently. The workers' mission involves earning money to bring into North Korea. An upset Mr Abe said that "North Korea's most recent missile launch is absolutely intolerable". A Pentagon spokesman, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, said Wednesday that the missile was a type not previously seen by the USA, although he would not provide details.

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"Pyongyang doesn't always listen to China", the former president said.

"This was a very provocative action". He criticized North Korea for not following the global convention of providing advance notice of a missile launch so that commercial ships, airliners and satellites are not endangered.

Trump has repeatedly invoked China's central role when it comes to North Korea. He added that "North Korean regime is causing tremendous problems and is something that has to be dealt with and probably dealt with rapidly". Perhaps China will put a heavy move on North Korea and end this nonsense once and for all! However, after the Xi-Trump summit in April brought an improvement in relations with the fledgling USA administration, the latest events are a reminder that risks remain and that from time to time we can expect to see bilateral tensions rise. But secondary sanctions would still force such companies to stop doing business with North Korea or risk losing their access to the US financial system, and with it, the dollar - the world's main currency for global trade and finance.

Donald Trump to host S Korean president for dinner at White House
In spite of the increase in U.S. exports to the peninsula, the POTUS believes there remains a large trading gap with South Korea. North Korea has got enough evidence to prove that Park started plotting to kill Kim since late 2015, said the statement .

Trade between China and North Korea grew nearly 40% in the first quarter. It was not immediately clear why the customs agency reported a higher growth rate. Besides Trump's frustration with China's contribution to reining in Kim Jong Un-expressed in a tweet last month-members of his administration have also renewed criticism of the country while returning to a harder line on trade.

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