Canada quietly paid Omar Khadr $8m in compensation, reports say

Canada quietly paid Omar Khadr $8m in compensation, reports say

Canada quietly paid Omar Khadr $8m in compensation, reports say

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould held a news conference on Friday to announce the settlement that ends a long-standing $20-million civil lawsuit from Mr. Khadr's legal team.

On Tuesday, government sources confirmed that Ottawa will apologize to the former Guantanamo Bay detainee and will pay him $10.5 million dollars in compensation.

It should also be pointed out that some do support the payment to Khadr and have applauded the Liberals for offering a settlement as opposed to more litigation.

"Make no mistake, this settlement is a choice made by Justin Trudeau and what's worse, Justin Trudeau is hiding it from Canadians", he said, calling it a slap in the face to Canadian soldiers.

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Tabitha Speer, the wife of the late USA special forces soldier Chris Speer, and Layne Morris, who was partially blinded in the firefight, won a $134-million United States default judgment against Khadr in a Utah court two years ago.

Khadr, who was born in Canada, was 15 when USA troops captured him after a firefight at a suspected al-Qaeda compound in Afghanistan. "The Supreme Court of Canada has stated clearly and unequivocally that that behaviour on the part of those Canadian officials was wrong".

"If Omar Khadr is truly sorry for what he's done, that money would be given directly to the family of Sgt. Speer", he said.

Mr. Khadr, who spent a decade at the Guantanamo prison, said he holds no grudges for the abuses he suffered at the hands of USA interrogators who subjected him to solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, and shackling in stressful positions. He said he rejects violent jihad and expressed interest in going to school to pursue a career in health care. The battle, during which Khadr threw a grenade, ended in the death of US special forces soldier Chris Speer and the wounding of another USA soldier, Layne Morris. Morris and Speer's widow were planning to seek an emergency injunction in Canada to stop the Canadian government's payout to Khadr and his lawyer. Those who disagree with it say Khadr was a terrorist who pled guilty to five war crimes in Afghanistan.

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"The administrative management of the case was according to normal practices and procedures and had nothing whatsoever to do with any other legal proceeding", Mr. Goodale said.

McEwan put the case over until July 13 to give Winer time to file materials with Whitling, who drafted Khadr's initial claim against Ottawa in 2004.

A Toronto lawyer acting for the pair made a brief court appearance on Friday in Toronto, to set a date for an "urgent hearing" that could start a potential legal battle over the $10.5-million settlement. A US judge granted them $134.2 million in damages in 2015, but it's unclear if that judgement, based on proceedings at Guantanamo, would be recognized by Canadian courts.

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