Charlie Gard's Parents Have Ended A Legal Fight To Continue His Treatment

Charlie Gard's Parents Have Ended A Legal Fight To Continue His Treatment

Charlie Gard's Parents Have Ended A Legal Fight To Continue His Treatment

The parents of Charlie Gard, who were seeking experimental treatment for their terminally-ill child, have ended their legal battle, according to reports.

Mum Connie Yates announced the family's decision to give up the case at the High Court because it was "too late".

The legal battle with Great Ormond Street Hospital has attracted huge media attention after the hospital argued for Charlie's life support to be turned off.

The parents said it was the first time they had been told about the latest results in the crucial test of brain function.

"Sadly the window of opportunity no longer exists".

Michael Hirano, professor of neurology at Columbia University in NY examined Charlie and told the court there was a 10 percent chance that the baby could improve.

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Charlie's case returned to the High Court last week, after his parents claimed that new evidence suggested that the chances of the treatment bringing about significant improvement in Charlie were higher than previously believed. "The parents' worst fears have been confirmed", he said.

The parents of Charlie Gard, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, have withdrawn their legal challenge before the High Court in London, England.

The trust's chair, Mary MacLeod, said the organisation understood the high level of public interest and emotions linked to the Charlie Gard case. "It is hoped that those who, like the professor, have provided the opinions that have so sustained Charlie's parents, their hopes and thus this protracted litigation with its many consequences, will also find much upon which to reflect".

The case gained global attention after both Pope Francis and President Donald Trump offered their support to Charlie and his parents. 'Charlie has waited patiently for treatment.

The parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, cried as the statement was read.

Outside court, supporters calling themselves Charlie's Army reacted with anger and tears, chanting: "shame on you judge" and "shame on Gosh".

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They say life support treatment should stop and Charlie should be allowed to die with dignity.

Judge Nicholas Francis scheduled the two-day hearing for this week to consider fresh evidence after Dr. Michio Hirano, an American neurology expert from Columbia Medical Center in NY, came to London to examine the child.

The lawyer representing the hospital, Katie Gollop said: "The hearts of each person working at Great Ormond Street hospital and the hearts of the hospital go out to Charlie and his mother and his father".

Barrister Grant Armstrong said the experimental treatment the family had been pursuing no longer offers any chance of improving Charlie's condition.

The parents had raised £1.3 million ($A2.1 million) to get Charlie to the United States for an experimental treatment they believed could have helped their child.

Mr Justice Francis also paid tribute to the medical experts and hospital staff involved in the case, saying it was a "disgrace" that they had been subjected to abuse.

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