DHS: Laptop ban put in place after explosive test destroyed airplane

DHS: Laptop ban put in place after explosive test destroyed airplane

DHS: Laptop ban put in place after explosive test destroyed airplane

"They'd like to knock down a US airplane in flight on the way to the United States", he said.

DHS Secretary John Kelly told NBC that his team had tested the potential of a laptop bomb to bring down an airplane and found strong evidence affirming that possibility.

In March, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced a temporary ban on large electronics in passenger cabins on non-stop flights from 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

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The toughened security measures include checking electronic devices for possible explosives and pulling more people out of airport security lines for more extensive screening.

"We tested it on a real airplane on the ground, pressurized, and to say the least, it destroyed the airplane", he said. Officials said the measures were aimed at ending a limited in-cabin ban on laptops that had targeted nine airlines, and preventing an expansion of that ban to additional airports in Europe and elsewhere.

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Later, Kelly said his Department wished to see more sniffer dogs at airports, and will be introducing a requirement for advanced biometric passports to be compulsory for flights coming into the US.

"The quick and decisive action taken by airlines, nations, and stakeholders are a testament to our shared commitment to raising the bar on global aviation security", Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan said Thursday.

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