Microsoft's first smart thermostat — GLAS

Microsoft's first smart thermostat — GLAS

Microsoft's first smart thermostat — GLAS

The firm has partnered with Johnson Controls, the makers of the world's first electric room thermostat, to release the new device.

Microsoft has unveiled its first home thermostat, which can be controlled using its virtual assistant Cortana.

Microsoft launched a video that showed the features behind its new connected thermostat, GLAS, in homes, workplaces and vertical market environments. If you watch the video, below, carefully you will see that the GLAS might be so named because it is largely constructed around a translucent touch screen.

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Built by Johnson Controls, the thermostat will run on Microsoft's Windows 10 IoT Core operating system and will come with Cortana voice services built into it. It's also the latest gadget to be integrated with Microsoft's voice-based personal assistant Cortana. However, it is a safe bet that Cortana will at least be able to recognize commands to raise and lower temperatures, and probably adjust schedules too. Cortana voice controls give it an edge over the Nest Learning Thermostat, though there are other devices such as the Ecobee4 that offer the feature, powered by Amazon's Alexa. The digital voice assistant is now used by more than 145 million monthly active users.

According to Microsoft's promotional video for Glas, the thermostat will be able to keep you abreast of calendar notifications, energy usage, and air quality, and determine whether or not you're in the room (and make adjustments accordingly). But, it is also supported by Azure cloud services.

It will use sensors to detect if there is a person in the room, and the thermostat will constantly monitor air quality both inside and outside.

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'Johnson Controls is reinventing the thermostat and our lives'.

One player that might be a big one in the future is Microsoft.

Blanchard stressed that Microsoft's partnership with Johnson Controls is critical for bringing natural human interaction with smart devices in vertical markets - including marketing kiosks that can tie facial recognition to back-end retail systems and audio analysis on factory floors to help identify vibrations indicating unsafe conditions.

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