Sony to start making vinyl records again

Sony to start making vinyl records again

Sony to start making vinyl records again

After a 30 year hiatus, Sony is opening a plant to produce vinyl records.

SMEJ plans to start manufacturing vinyl at its in-house production facility by March next year.

Sony Music Entertainment announced this week that it will resume production of vinyl records. Japan now has one active record manufacturer that makes limited qualities of new releases, but it often can not keep up with demand. Or are you enjoying spinning records for the first time after growing up in the digital realm? Despite the extreme popularity of digital services like Spotify, vinyl sales have grown each of the last seven years, according to CNN Money.

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Turntables as well as other accessories related to records are benefitting as well.

Sony has not confirmed which titles are in line to be pressed as part of its new production stream.

So many hipsters are buying vinyl that Sony Music has made a decision to resurrect its printing press.

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Big news for music fans all over the world today.

The company is searching for retired record engineers to advise its new record-making venture, according to Nikkei. Some former engineers the company had are now holding advisory roles to help pass their expertise on to the younger ones, said the spokeswoman.

In the USA, boutique outlets such as Jack White's Third Man Pressing in Detroit, SunPress Vinyl in Miami, and vinyl-only labels like Warner Music's Run Out Groove and United Kingdom -based Omertà have emerged.

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