Xi warns Hong Kong of crossing 'red line' by challenging Beijing

Xi warns Hong Kong of crossing 'red line' by challenging Beijing

Xi warns Hong Kong of crossing 'red line' by challenging Beijing

Xi arrived in Hong Kong Thursday for a three-day trip to attend celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland and the inaugural ceremony of the fifth-term government of the HKSAR. If you look at the IPO market a year ago, 92 percent were mainland companies", Noah Holdings Hong Kong CIO William Ma told CNBC's Street Signs: "Asia Friday. Organizers put the figure at more than 60,000. She said the problems wouldn't be solved overnight but she pledged to bring a new style of governance to restore social harmony.Hong Kong was a vibrant worldwide metropolis that was just, safe and efficient, but it needed to diversify its economy to create quality jobs, especially for young people, she said.

"[We are willing to] draw conclusions from the experience, look into the future and to ensure "one country, two systems" is stable and has a far-reaching future".

On Friday, a China foreign ministry spokesperson said the joint declaration signed in 1984 between Beijing and London, that ruled the territory for 156 years, was "a historical document that no longer had any practical significance".

In his speech, Xi said any threat to China's sovereignty and security or to the power of the central government "crosses the red line and is absolutely impermissible". Hong Kong had maintained its "capitalist system and way of life and its laws have remained basically unchanged".

Meanwhile, the biggest appearance of all in Hong Kong this week has been the arrival of Xi Jinping.

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"There are plans among many people to immigrate again", Professor Chen said.

A survey showed that while about half of the population still identify as Hong Kongers, the rate is as high as 70 percent to 80 percent among young people, he said. "It's attracting not just global, but also mainland funds", he said. A 28-year-old interpreter, who identified himself as Hai, believes the "one country, two systems" arrangement is "obviously not successful".

SCHMITZ: Yeah. I asked a lot of people about this this week. "So I have to adapt to this, so improving Mandarin, adapt to Chinese culture, you know, to talk to them and get more business". The pro-democracy movement lost considerable momentum after Beijing turned a cold shoulder to the 2014 protests. We always have to find ways to improve yourself and do better.

Warned that security forces would be working overtime to stop crowds and banners from appearing on July 1, the 20th anniversary of Britain's handover of Hong Kong to China, the protesters chose to turn the tables by making this official object disappear - if only briefly. "We can't just argue about these forever". The activists, in a later statement, said the assailants had been "pro-Beijing triad members". Her cabinet was sworn in by Chinese President Xi Jinping as Hong Kong's fourth administration.

The opposition camp had a different take.

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But if protesters this week had hoped to catch Xi's attention, it wasn't reflected in his remarks during his visit, which took a hard line on dissent. "We should be inspired, but not indoctrinated", he said.

In his speech, Xi took stern aim at growing calls in Hong Kong for greater political freedom and independence.

The territory has seen tumultuous times since July 1, 1997, with economic turmoil, outbreaks of disease and more recently, pro-democracy protests casting shadows over the island, its stunning harbor and the New Territories up to the border with the mainland. At the end of the rally a simple white banner read: "Cry in grief for 20 years".

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has the highest population of worldwide students among local universities. "Patriotism is the last resort of thugs", he said after his release.

"We have one simple message, respect Hong Kong people, give us universal suffrage, give us democracy or we will fight for it". It was made obvious, they said, by China's 2015 abduction of a group of booksellers who sold politically sensitive books, including some critical of Communist Party leaders. "What they don't realize is this type of forced sameness - the attempt to tell people to be Chinese - really fuels difference further".

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