YouTube employs the Redirect Method to counter searches for violent extremist videos

YouTube employs the Redirect Method to counter searches for violent extremist videos

YouTube employs the Redirect Method to counter searches for violent extremist videos

Moonshot CVE was able to do extensive research into understanding how extremist groups use the internet and technology more broadly to spread their messaging before figuring out what tools would make sense to use on YouTube. That announcement came in part out of a response to an advertiser boycott earlier in the year, one driven by companies frustrated to find their own clips running in front of terrorist videos. As a first step we're now rolling out features from Jigsaw's Redirect Method on YouTube.

YouTube has made good on its promise to crack down on hate speech online by beginning to redirect searches for terrorist propaganda toward anti-hate videos in a bid to halt the potential indoctrination of viewers.

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In a bid to combat violent extremism online, YouTube has rolled out a feature which redirects anyone searching for extremist content to a playlist of videos which confront extremist messages and debunk the propaganda.

"This early product integration of the Redirect Method on YouTube is our latest effort to provide more resources and more content that can help change minds of people at risk of being radicalized", said the YouTube team in a blog post.

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The video streaming giant will also develop video content of its own created to counter extremist narratives at every stage of indoctrination. In a long article on the topic, Motherboard writes, "I$3 n order to prevent users from flagging explicit or inflammatory extremist videos, terrorist media groups and disseminators like The Upload Knights and AQ's As-Sahab Media Foundation often label YouTube videos as 'unlisted, ' meaning that the videos can not be searched-only accessed if you are given the link".

All that said, it remains to be seen how effective the redirect method will be. Google says it will measure success based on the amount of engagement the debunking videos get from the Redirect Method. This may not be enough to stop terrorists from using YouTube as a recruitment platform, but it's clear Google is taking the problem seriously.

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It's worth noting that the Redirect Method isn't the only way Google will fight extremist and terrorist propaganda on YouTube.

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