AMD's Vega cards and packs: by the numbers

AMD's Vega cards and packs: by the numbers

AMD's Vega cards and packs: by the numbers

Here's everything you need to know about AMD's return to high-end PC gaming.

Liquid-Cooled RX Vega version - 350 watts.

AMD doesn't only want to be about the budget-friendly market, however.

This year's Vega Radeon Pro SSG has 16 GB of ECC HBM2 and 2 TB of on-card NAND flash memory, managed by the Vega architecture's High Bandwidth Cache Controller. Under her leadership, AMD is slowly clawing its way back to be a stronger competitor against industry leaders Intel and Nvidia. And while the team will not livestreaming its Capsaicin event, it appears that the prices for its two RX Vega graphics cards have been leaked online. AMD's current lineup of RX 570 and 580 cards hit the budget and mid-range market positively, but with Vega, AMD has its sights firmly on Nvidia's immeasurably powerful GTX 1070 and 1080 cards and, going from initial details, it may well have hit that mark for under $500 (around £380). AMD is also bringing in Radeon Packs.

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Handed to Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games and Unreal Engine by non-other than the Senior Vice-president of AMD's RTG, Raja Koduri, the RX Vega Nano, as pictured over at, should be a worthy successor to a popular R9 Nano graphics card based on AMD's Fiji GPU.

Radeon Red Pack - RX Vega, $US500.

It's the TMU/ROP counts that are giving Nvidia the more FPS metrics and Nvidia's stripping out of more compute on its SKUs relative to ROPs/TMUs is what is saving on the power usage. The move to the latest HBM2 (high-bandwidth memory) technology across the family has reaped dramatic performance benefits over the previous generations. There's also the card's slick physical design, which is coated in sturdy aluminum and comes in both air-cooled and liquid-cooled variations to stay cool under pressure no matter your setup.

As the performance of the graphics cards are on a par with Nvidia's 10-series, rather than blowing them out of the water as many had hoped, the company accompanied the launch with a renewed push for monitor manufacturers to produce more FreeSync displays. Looking to build a new PC? Radeon Pro Security enables AMD's hardware validated boot sequence, which isolates the boot process from executable software to prevent boot-time virus infections.

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If you are interested in purchasing one of these cards, it can be yours beginning on August 14.

According to a Doom benchmark ran by AMD, the RX Vega 64 can pump out framerates than are roughly 10 percent better than what you'd get from an Nvidia GTX 1080.

ReLive Edition for Vega Pro comes with support for 8K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays, something that was included in this past Thursday's release of Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q3 for non-Vega Radeon Pro products.

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