Australia Moving Towards Legalizing Gay Marriage

Australia Moving Towards Legalizing Gay Marriage

Australia Moving Towards Legalizing Gay Marriage

Mr Entsch told The Courier-Mail last night he was willing to let the plebiscite process play out, if it was given a definitive time frame, but he "reserved his rights" with regards to a free vote.

The government has declared it will hold a public vote on November 25 if the senate passes the plebiscite bill, which is expected before parliament within days.

Advocacy group Australian Marriage Equality has legal advice it says confirms a postal vote would be unconstitutional, warning of a High Court challenge to prevent it going ahead.

The postal vote would cost the country $122 million and would be conducted by the Bureau of Statistics instead of the Electoral Commission.

This is looking likely with the Greens, Labor and the Nick Xenophon Team all indicating they will once again knock back the bill, which Opposition leader Bill Shorten labelled a delaying tactic on Tuesday morning.

"We think this is a harmful debate", he said.

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A plebiscite bill was introduced by the government a year ago, but defeated in the Senate by 33 votes to 29.

"Most, by far of the members of Australia's faith and religious organisations are not ministers of religion".

Turnbull also fended off criticism regarding the plebiscite method which is expected to cost more than 120 million Australian dollars (95 million USA dollars) to run.

"Turnbull told voters he believed it was critical for everyone to have their say on any proposed change to the Marriage Act - and I agree", Senator Lambie wrote in a statement.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, the government's deputy Senate leader and an opponent of same-sex marriage, said some type of plebiscite is essential if Parliament is to decide the marriage equality question.

As Australia provides no legal recognition to same-sex couples, the pair's union was never recognised, and Mr Johnson's death certificate states that he was single.

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They will address before the November 7, on a voluntary basis so that the voting is compulsory in Australia for elections as plebiscites.

"I find it extraordinary that those members of parliament putting forward this bill, who claim that religious freedom is central to it, have ignored the report preferring to have only a narrow number of exemptions for a small number of people", he said.

Tasmanian crossbench senator Jacqui Lambie, who voted in favour of the plebscite last November, said she would not support a postal vote.

The seven lawmakers who spoke against the plebiscite at the meeting were outnumbered more than three-to-one by 27 colleagues who supported the 2-year-old policy.

Sen. Cory Bernardi said he would vote against legalizing gay marriage no matter what the outcome of the vote, and Sen.

No formal vote was taken in the party room on the plebiscite, either the current policy or the postal option. Turnbull replied: "Strong leaders carry out their promises".

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Campaigners for same-sex marriage are confident the law will be changed if Coalition MPs are given a conscience vote on a bill.

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