Taylor Swift Is Suing Her Assaulter For a Mere $1 & It's wonderful

Taylor Swift Is Suing Her Assaulter For a Mere $1 & It's wonderful

Taylor Swift Is Suing Her Assaulter For a Mere $1 & It's wonderful

With Swift and her mother, Andrea Swift, present, Mueller told the jury of six women and two men that he was sacked from his job even after he was "100 percent clear" with his managers that he did not grope Taylor.

In this courtroom sketch, Swift, front left, confers with her attorney as Mueller, back left, and the judge look on in court Tuesday.

In addition, Mueller couldn't say why he didn't tell a boss investigating the incident that his direct supervisor allegedly bragged about grabbing Swift that same night - something Mueller testified to earlier in the day.

"I know I touched her rib cage".

The singer, who appeared in court on Tuesday, is seeking just $1 in her counter suit against the DJ, as she aims instead for respect with the symbolic move, rather than monetary compensation.The 27-year-old has made the move to send a message that she believes what he did was assault.

Attorneys for Mueller and Swift opened the trial Tuesday morning with starkly different versions of what happened at that June 2, 2013, concert at the Pepsi Center.

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Others testified in prior depositions that they had never seen Swift react to a photo-shoot in that way.

"It's not called inappropriate touching", Baldridge said.

Mr Baldridge did get Mueller to concede that various supervisors with KYGO and its parent firm had discussed the possibility of letting him go even before the encounter with Swift.

Taylor Swift's attorney says several people noticed the pop star was upset after meeting with a former disc jockey for a photo op before a 2013 concert.

"It cost me my career.the thing I love the most", Mueller said.

When court resumed about two hours after the scheduled start, the judge did not elaborate on exactly what the hearing was about, though he indicated it did concern some evidence. He said that the accusations were "humiliating", but conceded that he could not come up with "any reason, incentive or motive" as to why Swift would make up such a claim. He also asked Mueller for a reason why Swift would make up her story, to which the former DJ responded, "I can not".

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Swift countersued, alleging sexual battery by Mueller.

The DJ was sacked from his job at KYGO after Taylor's team told his boss that he had grabbed her bum during a meet-and-greet before a 2013 concert.

After the photo was taken, Taylor thanked them and she and Mueller shook hands, he testified.

The litigation was initiated by Mueller, who claims Swift fabricated the groping story and pressured station management to oust him from his job. "It's been hard on my family and hard on my friends", Mueller said.

The attorneys for both parties are now in another private sidebar conference that was called for in the middle of cross-examination on Mueller.

"I turned toward the photographer and I had my right arm extended with my hand closed and my palm facing down", he said.

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During his testimony, Mueller described his relationship with his direct supervisor, KYGO program director Eddie Haskell, as "difficult".

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