Travis Scott gifts Kylie Jenner a Dollars 60000 necklace

Travis Scott gifts Kylie Jenner a Dollars 60000 necklace

Travis Scott gifts Kylie Jenner a Dollars 60000 necklace

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been a couple for a few months now.

We know Travis likewise went to the motion pictures with Kylie for her b-day, yet that is not all ... he removed a page from Kanye's book and set up a private ensemble appear for her as well.

She sends best friend Jordyn Woods to investigate, who reports back to Kylie that the person running the stand 'wouldn't sell it to me on camera'. "There is no drama with Travis".

US Embassy Expels 2 Cuban Diplomats After 'Incidents' in Havana
Embassy, diplomatic and staff residences. "We're taking this incident very seriously, and it's under investigation right now". According to reports , the diplomats were targeted with a sonic device that had been placed or planted where they lived.

The insider claimed that Travis and Kylie celebrated her birthday together and he had a very special gift for her. He is a cool guy. Check out all the details about the birthday treats that Travis sprung on Kylie! Kylie seemed very happy and it seems that she had a flawless birthday celebration.

While Kylie memorably paid homage to her famous pout at her at her 18th birthday celebration two years ago, courtesy of a lip birthday cake, Wednesday night's carving, crafted in the curvaceous reality star's likeness, took the cake (no pun intended).

Then, foresight has been working for the following scene of her new reality spinoff Life of Kyle after the primary scene was marked "exhausting" and "fake".

Tropical Storm Franklin nears Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula
So far, a hurricane has yet to form in the Atlantic, although Tropical Storm Emily surprised some residents. Strong wind shear can prevent tropical development or shred apart mature tropical storms or hurricanes.

She explained: "I don't know what it's like to live a normal life, where people just don't know who you are, to get out the auto and not have everyone stare at you".

Kylie has surely enjoyed a lot of success when it comes to her career and now it seems that the young star has found stability when it comes to her personal life, as well. 11 years later she is a multi-millionaire, icon of a generation, queen of social networks, and head of her own business with her cosmetics brand Kylie Cosmetics.

Stephen Curry Just Played His First Professional Round Of Golf
A bogey on the last was not the ideal way to end his day, but Curry was already looking ahead to Friday's second round. Unfortunately for van der Walt, he'll be eating his words, and apparently his own golf bag , after Curry's 74.

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