Every Star Trek Pilot Episode, Ranked From Worst To Best

Every Star Trek Pilot Episode, Ranked From Worst To Best

Every Star Trek Pilot Episode, Ranked From Worst To Best

He added, "This is light years removed from being a flawless TV show, but it already shows signs of being a great one".

Despite being outfitted with some interesting wrinkles, "Star Trek: Discovery" is an unspectacular addition to the existing fleet of "Trek"-branded series".

Star Trek: Discovery is now streaming on CBS All Access. Remarkable CEO Simon Powell said his company worked with CBS' assets of the ship to put together the visual effect.

So far there's been as much discussion about Star Trek: Discovery's distribution model as there has been about Star Trek: Discovery.

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Set in 2256, roughly a decade before the original "Star Trek" embarked on its five-year mission a half-century ago, the program breaks ground by building its plot both around an African-American woman, Michael Burnham ("The Walking Dead's" Sonequa Martin-Green), and a first officer, as opposed to a starship captain.

In the new series Star Trek: Discovery "new worlds and civilizations are explored by new members of the Star Trek universe". You've also got the After Trek aftershow in there, which we're all about just because we at CarterMatt are big fans of its host in Matt Mira from his time on the Nerdist Podcast.

More than that, though, it positions Discovery as the Star Trek that's always existed in the mind. Instead, the show has opted for an illustrated and design-intensive sequence.

Legendary Klingon hero Kahless is also namedropped: Kahless founded the Klingon Empire, appears in the original Star Trek series and is referenced many, many times throughout Trek history (and was actually cloned in The Next Generation).

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"Trek" has been off the air for a while, and the strategy of reviving the TV franchise via CBS All Access is not without risk.

It's a unique and daring intro. Jones is less successful as Saru, coming across as whiny and spineless, and the rest of the crew get little to do initially except respond to the two leads' orders. Future episodes of Star Trek: Discovery will be made available on Sunday nights after 8:30 p.m. ET. Fuller's ambitious pitch for Discovery-an allegorical anthology that would span Trek's different eras, pulling in talent like Edgar Wright along the way-was reportedly scrapped by CBS in favor of something decidedly more pedestrian: a darker prequel to the original Star Trek. Good to see him back, even if it is weird that he never told Spock he had a foster sister...

New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery stream Sundays at 8:30/7:30c exclusively on CBS All Access.

In fact, T'Kuvma is one of the best things about these episodes, as we learn that his desire to fight the Federation comes from a wish to maintain the purity of the Klingon way.

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And really, that's what's missing from Star Trek: Discovery: a distinct perspective.

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