FOX Sports distances itself from Clay Travis after 'inappropriate' comments

FOX Sports distances itself from Clay Travis after 'inappropriate' comments

FOX Sports distances itself from Clay Travis after 'inappropriate' comments

A CNN segment about the White House call for ESPN to fire Jemele Hill after she called President Donald Trump a "white supremacist" on Twitter went off the rails this afternoon when Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis was given the floor.

Any hopes for illuminating discussion on host Brooke Baldwin's panel ended before they started, however, with the 38-year-old Travis taking an elementary school approach.

This is like the 4 billionth most controversial thing said on your own talk show back when you had a career in 1991.

'I just want to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman anchoring this show, ' she said.

It was clear by Reed and Baldwin's faces that they couldn't believe what they had just heard.

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"I'm a First Amendment absolutist", Travis says.

Baldwin detailed how she first thought Travis said "booze", but when she asked him to clarify and he confirmed "boobs", she chose to have the CNN control room cut off his mic.

Travis hosts a show on FOX Sports Radio, but FOX Sports only syndicates his shock-jock brand of humor. I say and write it every day. "Those are the only two things I believe 100 percent in in this country", Travis said. "Why would you even go there?" she wondered.

I'm sorry I don't believe the outrage over Clay Travis saying boobs.

Last month, Travis made incendiary comments saying ESPN had reassigned a play-by-play announcer named Robert Lee who was scheduled to call a college football game in Charlottesville. Of course, as you can see below, his entire point was overshadowed by his decision to bring boobs into the mix, apropos of nothing.

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Again, yeah. Here's the video in case you don't believe us.

Clay Travis confirmed by repeating BOOBS out and loud.

Fox Sports did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment about his comments. She said that he will never be allowed to return to her show.

Travis didn't take the hint that he may have said the wrong thing, and was more than happy to clarify.

"I'm not talking about that on television because it's irrelevant to the topic". He also said there are T-shirts featuring the line in the works.

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She was indeed hearing him correctly, Travis assured her.

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