Lenovo's $350 Explorer mixed reality HMD runs on iGPUs

Lenovo's $350 Explorer mixed reality HMD runs on iGPUs

Lenovo's $350 Explorer mixed reality HMD runs on iGPUs

The free upgrade includes new gaming, security, and accessibility features but most notably includes support for Windows Mixed Reality. Terry Myerson, head of the Windows group at Microsoft, promised that this fourth update to Windows 10 would be the best yet. Last month, it moved testers onto separate programmes so it could ensure a stable version when Fall Creators Update was ready for release.

When you look at what's coming in the new code, however, it appears that the update is more of an incremental addition rather than anything really game-changing, albeit with a few caveats.

You can save all of your creations in OneDrive Files On-Demand, accessing your cloud files like any of your other files on your PC, without using up your local storage space. As "launch" and "release" don't always coincide with Microsoft products, Server 1709 also will likely begin rolling out to users in October. The final Windows 10 Fall Creators update is now being tested by insiders and the final build will also be run by the Windows insiders. In order to make Windows more accessible for those with Lou Gehrig's disease, Microsoft has introduced a new feature Eye Control that implements eye tracking technology to let users type, and operate a mouse simply by using their eyes.

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The Fall Creators Update also includes an improved Game Mode, and a new GPU resource tracker now resided in Task Manager.

Global plans for Mixed Reality headsets have been pretty quiet so far, but at least there's a British price. The headset will cost $350 with controllers costing an extra $100 each.

That's the difficulty with nailing down anything about Windows Mixed Reality at the moment - it covers the whole gamut of virtual reality headsets and augmented reality devices like the Hololens. However, Microsoft has finally put a shipping date on the Fall Creators Update, and the big day is scheduled for October 17.

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Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Then it will hit Windows Update.

If you are using Windows 10 1511 within an organization, Microsoft terminated support at the end of July, so you should be on a supported release such as 1607 or 1703.

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