Gemma Collins 'My fall could have been fatal'

Gemma Collins 'My fall could have been fatal'

Gemma Collins 'My fall could have been fatal'

Just a couple of hours after Gemma's fall, the reality star quickly assured her fans that she was thankfully okay after the extravagant tumble.

If you've been on any form of social media this weekend, you'll most definitely have seen Gemma Collins' awkward moment at the Radio 1 Teen Awards.

Whilst presenting Love Island with the Best TV Show award, Gemma lost her footing and accidentally fell down the part of the stage which was bringing up Love Island celebs Jamie Jewitt, Amber Davies and Marcel Somerville.

Speaking to The Sun, Gemma revealed that she had been offered a chance to release a single and may take a break from the reality show.

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Love Island star Marcel Somerville also tweeted about the amusing incident, saying: "When you win best TV at the #R1TeenAwards and save #gemmacollins foot and hand from be crushed #herolife".

When asked on This Morning if she was aware the stage would be moving, she admitted: 'I'm not allowed to discuss that at the minute'.

However, as all that commotion was going on, Ms Collins hilariously fell through a secret hole in the floor.

'I must say I'm in a bit of shock still. "Best and worse moment for me". "I've got a bit of a booty and thank God for that because it has protected me". "I have a bruised left bum cheek right now". She even compared herself to Madonna, who famously fell at the 2015 BRIT Awards when her cape was pulled from off stage while it was still attached to her.

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"I mean guys I'm going to have to take the whole of the next year off just to collaborate with the pop stars".

"That poor girl [Amber Davies] almost got totally crushed, there's nothing of her".

It all started off well as Collins confidently graced the stage to present the Radio 1 Teen Award for Best TV Show.

She added: "It's just one of these moments I don't think I'm ever going to live down".

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