New Jersey to send 1100 to help Puerto Rico with Maria

New Jersey to send 1100 to help Puerto Rico with Maria

New Jersey to send 1100 to help Puerto Rico with Maria

But as Cruz spoke, Trump was again defending the relief effort, calling critics "politically motivated ingrates".

President Trump's full-throated social media defense of his administration's response to Hurricane Maria culminated in an evening tweet that praised FEMA workers and military personnel with an official-looking video.

"Maybe from where she's standing, it's a good news story", Cruz said, The Hill reported.

Cruz, who has been living in a shelter after her home was destroyed in the hurricane, said municipal employees were working as hard as they could.

Rosie Perez, the Puerto Rican actor and activist who has been outspoken about the need for the United States government to help her people, said recently on CNN that she goes to sleep crying and wakes up angry.

At a news conference, Rossello, a Republican, declined to comment on Trump's tweets, which he said he had not seen, and said he would not be drawn into a political fight.

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The emotional plea of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz on Friday felt like a turning point, although it was overshadowed in the news by the resignation of President Donald Trump's health secretary, Tom Price.

Even worse than that, the mayor of this town of 43,000 told the crisis co-ordination centre 25 miles away in the capital, San Juan, there was no water - he had been forced to drain his municipal swimming pool in order that his people could wash, bathe and flush their toilets.

Rossello has been less critical of the federal effort than Cruz.

"Foreign flag ships are typically not allowed in to deliver these products unless USA carriers can't do it, and the administration's view was they got all the commodities in to Puerto Rico, they didn't need to waive the Jones Act".

Though more than 1 million Puerto Ricans have now received water and food rations, telecommunications have only been restored to 30 percent of the island. "Whatever we have asked for this effort, they have delivered", Rosselló said.

San Juan resident Judith Berkan said power shortages and long lines for cash, food, gasoline and medical attention were wearing people down. Francisco Corrada, manager of freight services at Crowley Maritime Corporation at the port, said things are picking up but if businesses are not reopened they can't send truckers to pick up goods.

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Also released was a grainy photo of a man who one of the teens had captured in a photo on her cell phone before they disappeared. Kim Riley has responded, "the office investigates any and every lead brought to their attention, and this case is no exception".

Cruz, 54, was born and raised in San Juan, according to a biography on Puerto Rico's Chamber of Commerce website. FEMA Administrator Brock Long defended his agency's response in a Sunday interview on "This Week", saying Cruz needs to be more engaged with coordination efforts on the island by meeting regularly at a joint field office established by the agency.

"General Buchanan, a three-star general, has said that he doesn't have enough troops and he doesn't have enough equipment", the mayor commented, adding, "So who am I?" There is no unity, at least on twitter, about the giant relief effort to help millions of victims in storm ravaged Puerto Rico.

The acting US homeland security secretary is headed to Puerto Rico to see the devastation and meet local officials.

"The mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump", he said on Twitter.

The insurance industry has begun to tally the mounting costs of Maria, with one modelling company estimating that claims could total as much as US$85 billion (RM359 billion).

Long before Maria struck, the US territory was in crisis. The migrants are mostly younger workers, economists have said. Trump said his administration "will not rest" until people there are safe.

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