Police have found head and limbs of missing journalist Kim Wall

Police have found head and limbs of missing journalist Kim Wall

Police have found head and limbs of missing journalist Kim Wall

"It is from an exploratory angle, but definitely also from an ethical angle, so that the relatives of Kim Wall can get a whole human being once she is to be buried", Møller Jensen said reports Danish newspaper Politiken.

Danish police investigating the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall have found body parts, including her decapitated head.

Ms. Wall disappeared after meeting Peter Madsen, a Danish amateur space rocket and submarine builder, for an interview on August 10.

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The bags were found not far from where Wall's dismembered torso washed ashore 10 days after the Nautilus was deliberately sunk by Madsen near Copenhagen on August 11. The cause of death has yet to be established.

That, together with new post-mortem evidence showing Wall was stabbed in her ribcage and genitals 15 times "around or shortly after her death", was adding to the case against Madsen, the prosecutor, Jakob Buch-Jepsen, told the Copenhagen court. They were in bags that contained pieces of metal, which the police said might have been used to weigh down the bags at the bottom of the seabed.

Investigators believe Madsen killed Wall between August 10 and 11, cut up her body and attached a belt with a pipe to the torso so it would sink.

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He said he had tossed her body overboard.

He denied having a saw on his vessel when Wall went with him, DR revealed.

Madsen was later arrested and held in custody on suspicion of killing Wall. The next pre-trial hearing is scheduled for October 31. A talented writer, her work appeared in The New York Times, the Guardian and TIME, among publications. He continues to deny having killed Kim Wall, but admits to having thrown his body in the sea after she had been the victim of an " accident ".

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