Sophia The Robot Becomes First Robot Granted Citizenship

Sophia The Robot Becomes First Robot Granted Citizenship

Sophia The Robot Becomes First Robot Granted Citizenship

So other countries which have either bilateral [two party] or multilateral [many parties] treaties with Saudi Arabia could be required by worldwide law to honor such rights for the robot to whom citizenship has been granted named "Sophia".

On Tuesday Saudi Arabia announced plans to build a $500bn mega city powered by robotics and renewables on the kingdom's Red Sea coast.

"I am very honoured and proud for this unique distinction", Sophia said in an interview with moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin, while also expressing happiness being around "rich and intelligent people". "Don't worry, if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you", Sophia said. Sophia replied. She even had the sense of humor -at least it seemed like it- to tell the CNBC journalist that he's "been reading too much Elon Musk and watching too many Hollywood movies".

Sophia was created by David Hanson for Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics, which is known for making human-like robots.

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While Sophia has some impressive capabilities, she does not yet have consciousness, but Hanson said he expected that fully sentient machines could emerge within a few years.

After introducing herself and demonstrating her "expressive face", Sophia explained why she needed the ability to show emotions.

Saudi Arabia now classifies Sophia as a citizen, and this could imply that Sophia is no longer an object.

A robot named Sophia appeared on ABC News Breakfast with presenters Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland where it has issued a chilling warning in which it claimed to be "superior to humans".

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GP Burdon took to Twitter to say: "Sorry I'm late for work". Others called out the fact that a robot was receiving citizenship while real people do not have the same rights.

"Sophia has no guardian, doesn't wear an abaya or cover up - how come?"

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