Apparently These Sheep Can Recognize Emma Watson and Barack Obama

Apparently These Sheep Can Recognize Emma Watson and Barack Obama

Apparently These Sheep Can Recognize Emma Watson and Barack Obama

In fact, sheep could even identify the faces of his coaches without training.

Scientists would show each sheep two faces, one of which was the target celebrity, Sky News reported.

The team got success after few days of tutelage of sheep at the Cambridge University in England, where at least 8 sheep could recognize Obama by his picture.

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"Together these data show that sheep have advanced face-recognition abilities, comparable with those of humans and non-human primates".

The woolly creatures could reliably pick out their human handlers without any previous photographic training at all, showing they can spot a familiar face. "Sheep successfully recognized the four celebrity faces from tilted images". The sheep were given food to create an association.

Tapping on the "correct" portrait would reward the sheep with food while choosing the wrong face would result in no food and a sound being played.

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The research isn't just a silly test, though. Since the handler cares for the sheep daily, the animals were familiar with her - although they had never seen a 2-D photo of her face. On her first try, one sheep appeared taken aback by the new face in the mix.

To challenge the sheep even further, scientists showed them the same celebrities in photos captured from a different, tilted angle.

Brad Duchaine, a brain scientist at Dartmouth College, doesn't find the sheep's ability surprising.

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Humans and monkeys can now extend a warm welcome to sheep for joining us in being able to recognize human faces from photographs. "Either the human face is similar enough to the sheep face that [it] activates the sheep face-processing system, or human-face recognition relies on more general-purpose recognition systems".

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