North Korea says U.S. terror sponsor label a 'serious provocation'

North Korea says U.S. terror sponsor label a 'serious provocation'

North Korea says U.S. terror sponsor label a 'serious provocation'

North Korea has called U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to relist the country as a state sponsor of terrorism a "serious provocation" that justifies its development of nuclear weapons.

European researchers who gathered information from announcements made on North Korean state media have come up with a list of 15 places, mostly in the USA and Japan, which they say are on North Korea's list of targets.

Nonetheless, the added onus to doing business with Pyongyang - now a designated state terrorism sponsor - could encourage actions outside the US, said Daniel Pinkston, a North Korea scholar at Troy University in Seoul.

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"North Korea's nuclear and ballistic weapons programmes are the product of a rational cost-benefit analysis". The response came shortly after China, the North's sole ally, also rejected as "wrong" new USA sanctions that targeted Chinese companies doing business with the pariah state. Trump said that the terror designation and new sanctions would be part of a series of moves over the next two weeks to reinforce his "maximum pressure campaign" against Kim Jong-Un's regime.

North Korea seeks to instil doubts among those who think that it would not respond to strikes against its nuclear and missile sites out of a fear of escalation and, ultimately, regime collapse.

China has been pushing what it calls a "freeze for freeze" agreement that would halt US and South Korean large-scale military drills in return for North Korea suspending its testing and nuclear program.

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They exchanged views about the situation on the Korean Peninsula and in the region, and bilateral relations, the KCNA said. It is not clear whether Song will meet North Korea's youthful leader Kim Jong Un.

Air China Ltd. has suspended flights from Beijing to North Korea's capital due to weak demand, a company representative told Caixin on Thursday.

Despite being shot five times and suffering from infections and parasites, the soldier survived after getting medical treatment in South Korea.

But North Korea is unlikely to give in to the sanctions and come back to the negotiation table anytime soon. The spokesperson noted that their actions included expulsion of North Korean workers and diplomats.

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Trump's recent decision, however, seemed to have only increased the months-long tensions between the two sides. North Korea quickly lashed out at Trump, calling him a "kingpin of all kinds of terrorism" and accusing him of being unable to prevent terrorism in his own country. Washington removed Pyongyang from the list in 2008 to reward it for progress on dismantling its nuclear programs under a six-party deal, which it later violated.

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