Some iPhone owners aren't able to type the letter "I" anymore

Some iPhone owners aren't able to type the letter

Some iPhone owners aren't able to type the letter "I" anymore

Though it's promoted as more than just a collection of bug fixes and security patches, iOS 11.1 issues and problems are enough to deter users from initiating the update to begin with.

In a blog post, Apple has acknowledged a problem with the autocorrect feature in iOS 11.1 that is replacing the letter "i" with an "A" accompanied by a symbol.

While it's not clear what caused the odd bug, users have shared a range of quick fixes online, and Apple has recommended a temporary workaround.

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We look forward to Apple issuing this updating and ending this chaos, and will let you know when it's safe to use the first person voice in your texts and tweets again.

From there, press the + sign and then type an upper-case "I" as the phrase and a lower-case "i" as the shortcut. The bandaid lets users replace a capital "I" with a lowercase "i" - which will look odd, but not as odd as the freaky exclamation point-question mark combo. While a lot of iOS 11.1 users are experiencing the bug, it doesn't seem limited to this newest build, as folks running iOS 11.0.3 have experienced it as well.

Apple can be expected to give more clarity about the bug at the time of releasing its fix sometime in the coming future. According to, turning off predictive text is a way to put an end to the issue, as well as using a third-party keyboard.

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Apple has responded to the complaints by suggesting that effected users set-up a short-cut replacement for the letter - changing the auto response to a lowercase "i" rather than the question mark.

"WHY does my #iphone keep changing the letter "i" to I?!"

Apple has not responded to a request for comment.

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The new software launched last Tuesday and features hundreds of new emoji.

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