Amazon Prime Video app finally comes to Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video app finally comes to Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video app finally comes to Apple TV

While Google and Amazon continue to bicker back and forth about which company's services will be available for what platforms, it seems Apple is finally getting its act together now that Amazon Prime Video is available on the Apple TV.

According to Amazon, the new app supports third and fourth generation Apple TV models, along with the fifth generation Apple TV 4K. Back in 2015, Amazon reportedly had a falling out with Apple over the cut it takes from in-app purchases, and as a retaliation chose to ban sales of the Apple TV on its website. The listing has since been removed from the iOS App Store, but the blog managed to take a screenshot of the promotional text that says, "Watch some of the hottest entertainment around with Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV". Apple hosted Hulu, Netflix, and basically every other streaming service under the sun, so Amazon's absence was glaring - but not entirely surprising.

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Amazon does not currently offer Apple TV hardware, but some suspect that may change now that Apple is supporting Amazon's video app.

iPhone X users will be happy to know screen support is also available today as well.

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Will Amazon start selling Apple TV again? In 2015, Amazon refused to sell Apple's streaming TV box until it agreed to support the Prime Video app.

New Year is about to come and in the wake of it, the technology giant Apple has committed to fulfill the two promises to its loyal customers. From there, you can either watch programs through a Prime subscription ($100 per year for all Prime benefits, or $9 per month for Video only), and buy or rent individual shows and movies à la carte (prices vary). "And they're going to return it". To find the app, users for now must search for "Amazon" in the tvOS App Store.

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