FG requests Facebook user data of Nigerians

FG requests Facebook user data of Nigerians

FG requests Facebook user data of Nigerians

In a blog post, Chris Sonderby, deputy general counsel at Facebook, said that sharing information about IP reports Facebook receives from rightsholders is "an important step toward being more open and clear about how we protect the people and businesses that use our services".

According to Facebook sources, India where Facebook has the largest registered users requested for data 9,853 times in the first half of 2017 compared with 6,324 times in the the previous year same period.

While all requests are reviewed by Facebook, the figures also revealed that most were approved, with the United Kingdom (90 per cent), the U.S. (85 per cent) and France (74 per cent) all notable for their high level of request approval.

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Over 57% of the account data requests came with a non-disclosure order.

Worldwide requests for Facebook user data now significantly outnumber those received by Google, which recorded 48,941 requests concerning 83,345 accounts in first half of 2017.

The Menlo Park tech firm released the data as part of a transparency report it publishes twice every year.

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Even though Facebook has 241 million active users in India compared with 240 million in the USA, the company received 57% of the data requests we received from law enforcement in the U.S. contained a non-disclosure order that prohibited us from notifying the user. However, sheer numbers demonstrate demands hit 78,890 in the central portion of 2017, an expansion of 33 percent year-on-year and 23 percent on the past half year time frame. The United Kingdom was number three in the list with 6,845 user data requests and asking for access to 8,167 user accounts. So, we scrutinize each request for legal sufficiency, no matter which country is making the request, and challenge those that are deficient or overly broad. Facebook says majority of the content was in violation of local laws of defamation and content violating religion and hate speech laws.

Facebook also revealed that there were 52 disruptions of Facebook services in nine countries in the first half of 2017, compared to 43 such instances in 20 countries in the second half of 2016. On Instagram, the company removed 10,094 posts following 10,231 counterfeit claims. Around 70,000 requests were sent to Instagram, and 685,000 pieces of content were removed.

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