First wireless charging technology approved by the FCC

First wireless charging technology approved by the FCC

First wireless charging technology approved by the FCC

The system can now charge at a distance of 15 feet from each end of the transmitter, but the Mid Field transmitter that is now certified by the FCC can only charge at a maximum distance of three feet away.

Wireless charging is a cool bit of technology as it is, but for the first time, the US Federal Communications Commission has just certified a "power-at-a-distance" charger that makes the current technology look as old-fashioned as sticking in a cord looks now. Energous says opens a new era of wireless charging and new opportunities.

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Announcing the FCC approval on Tuesday, Energous CEO Steve Rizzone stated that existing wireless charging technologies had not been adopted widely even though it has been around for over fifteen years. "We are now in a position to move our consumer electronics, IoT and smart home customers forward at an accelerated pace".

The Energous Corporation's Watt Up device lets users charge their electronics, regardless of the manufacturer, without being connected to the charger through the use of radio frequencies.

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"WattUp from Energous represents an incredibly positive lifestyle change", said Martin Cooper, Energous Board of Directors member and "Father of the Cell Phone" - a pioneer and visionary of the wireless industry. The technology is capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously if they are within range and will stop charging devices once the battery is up to 100 percent charged. According to the company, its technology is not brand specific, meaning it can charge devices from all brands, be it Apple, Sony, etc., provided they are fitted with the right receiver.

"Providing meaningful power-at-a-distance is a real game changer for wireless charging", said Mark Tyndall, senior vice president corporate development and strategy, Dialog Semiconductor. The FCC's Part 18 rules permit higher-power operations than are permitted under the Part 15 rules that have been used to approve other at a distance charging devices. As of now, the company does not have any retail-ready device, but plans to show-off the new technology at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018.

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