Gallup poll: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton retain 'most admired' titles

Gallup poll: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton retain 'most admired' titles

Gallup poll: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton retain 'most admired' titles

Following a year in which he achieved new lows in approval ratings for a new president, Trump is now the first chief executive to not win Gallup's Most Admired Man poll in the first year of his presidency since, uh, ever. Former president Barack Obama edged out current President Donald Trump, 17 percent to 14 percent.

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Former President Obama may be out of sight, but he isn't out of mind with respondents of Gallup's annual "Most Admired Man" poll. Dwight Eisenhower won it 12 times. The incumbent president is usually the victor, "since he is arguably the most prominent figure in the country", Gallop stated in its news release.

Many of Trump's actions in his first year in office have been interpreted as attempts to undo the legacy of Obama, whose qualification for the presidency he has questioned through his championing of the controversial "birther" movement and who famously mocked him for such activities at a 2011 dinner in Washington. John McCain and Elon Musk with 2 percent each; and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Dalai Lama and Vice President Mike Pence. "However, retaining that stature may be more challenging in coming years with her political career likely over". The 2017 results fell along party lines, with 35 percent of Republicans naming Trump as their most admired, and only 1 percent naming Obama. Nine percent named a relative or companion as their most appreciated man and 13% did as such for their most respected lady.

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Clinton has been named most admired more than any other man or woman in polling history, according to Gallup, though her polling numbers this year were the lowest in the past 15 years. That means she has won the title more than any other woman, with Eleanor Roosevelt coming in second with 13 wins.

Clinton "remains arguably more prominent than other contenders", Jones wrote in a blog post announcing the findings.

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The poll, which has been taken every year but one since 1946, questioned 1,049 United States adults from December 4-11.

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