Keylogger Built into HP Laptops

Keylogger Built into HP Laptops

Keylogger Built into HP Laptops

HP has released a patch for a keylogger hidden on hundreds of its laptops.

HP also notes that this impacts all Synaptics OEM partners, so the vulnerability may not be limited to just HP's lineup of notebooks.

Over 460 HP laptop models were affected by the flaw (the complete list is given in the security advisory).

The first time was earlier this year, when Swiss security firm modzero AG discovered a keylogger in Conexant HP audio drivers that stored records of keystrokes in a file in the public folder, unencrypted.

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The bug was disclosed by "ZwClose", who was looking through the driver to see if he could adjust the backlighting of HP laptop keyboards.

"A party would need administrative privileges in order to take advantage of the vulnerability".

Myng also wrote about HP's swift action upon learning of the issue: "So, I messaged HP about the finding".

The same security bulletin includes separate software updates for every HP laptop loaded with the keylogger, and HP says you should install those updates "as soon as possible". Alongside the announcement, HP released driver updates to eradicate the software on affected laptops.

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At the time, the company said the keylogger code had been mistakenly added to the software.

Because the keylogger is present on almost all of models HP laptop, it's highly like your laptop includes it too.

HP published a full list of laptops affected by the keylogger with directions on how to remove it.

HP described the issue as a "local loss of confidentiality", meaning that any keylogging that would be taking place would be happening on the device. Once you have that, scroll down the security bulletin until you find your model and download the accompanying update. A nefarious hacker could compromise your HP laptop through a piece of software used on millions of computers, potentially leaving you with stolen financial information, or any other private data stored within your PC.

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