Netflix Year In Review: These Are The Most-Binged Shows Of 2017

Netflix Year In Review: These Are The Most-Binged Shows Of 2017

Netflix Year In Review: These Are The Most-Binged Shows Of 2017

We know, for instance, that Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, Fuller House, Marvel's The Defenders, The Seven Deadly Sins, and The Ranch are the most binge-raced shows, and that there are 53 people who love A Christmas Prince more than anyone should.

"A Christmas Prince" isn't the only movie Netflix is tracking.

We reached out to a Netflix rep, who confirmed the tweet is accurate: 53 people have watched A Christmas Prince every day for 18 days. Netflix reportedly asked users to pressure elected officials about the legislation, and it was amended in the company's favor in 2013.

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Netflix needs to educate millions of subscribers about what data it collects, how user data is protected, and how it balances statistical data collection with privacy rights. If, down the line, a company like Netflix (or Hulu, or Spotify) wanted to make a personal or political point about your data, technically it could!

Netflix knows how many times its users have watched "A Christmas Prince", and it's making fun of people on Twitter for it.

While the tweet was clearly intended as a joke, it didn't sit well with some customers who found the message "creepy".

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'So unknown creepy Netflix staff have access to your viewing data, use it to creep on you, laugh at you, maybe publicly, ' Ben Goldacre shared on his Twitter account.

Some are even comparing the tweet to bullying and saying the tweet shamed customers watching the feel-good movie. One user even compared the tweet to "bullying". "These people have been inspired, and they're watching it as a how-to-marry-a-royal". The tweet in question got nearly 400,000 likes and more than 100,000 retweets too, so mission achieved.

Hayley Tsukayama wrote this story, (c) 2017 The Washington Post.

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