Scientist: "Man Flu" Is Real! Illness Hits Men Harder


Scientist: "Man Flu" Is Real! Illness Hits Men Harder

This is also known as "Fishing for Sympathy" or "Chronic Exaggeration". This means men may not be overreacting when complaining about flu symptoms. On Monday, the British Medical Journal published its special Christmas edition.

Other scientists still argue there's too little evidence to say man flu exists.

"I do think that the research does point towards men having a weaker immune response when it comes to common viral respiratory infections and the flu", he told The Guardian.

Sue also suggests that lying on the couch, or receiving assistance with activities of daily living could have been evolutionary behaviours that protect against predators.

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Author's note: This article was written by man who has definitely come down with the "man flu" this year. It might be time to get a vaccine, just to be on the safe side.

For many acute respiratory diseases, males are also more susceptible to complications and exhibit a higher risk of death. Either way, we won't know if man flu is real or not for sure until a more in-depth study into it occurs, reports CNN.

He added, "Is it that women are more resilient, that they are able to juggle more when they are ill, or is it that they don't have as severe symptoms?" But in middle age, there's a slight uptick in the number of women-in particular, pregnant women in the midst of a nine-month immunosuppression stint-that go to the emergency room for influenza side effects.

A number of studies conducted of cell samples found that differences in male and female sex and stress hormones may affect influenza outcomes to the benefit of women. The study by Stanford University School of Medicine explains that men may actually suffer more when they are struck down with flu because the high levels of testosterone in them can weaken their immune response.

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In the immortal words of The Smiths, "And if they don't believe us now, will they ever believe us?"

MAN flu is real medics claim, with blokes suffering worse symptoms than women.

So, it's no surprise that men often end up the subject of good-natured ribbing, in the form of so many Internet memes.

"Man flu" is a term used to chide men who are suspected of exaggerating their symptoms when sick from a cold or other minor illness.

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