AMD announces Vega-based Ryzen APU ranges

AMD announces Vega-based Ryzen APU ranges

AMD announces Vega-based Ryzen APU ranges

However, we don't expect major architecture changes between the first generation and this second generation of Ryzen CPUs.

AMD has used CES to lay out its plans for 2018.

The advantages of AMD's Ryzen APUs in the mobile market will obviously come thanks to lower prices and power requirements, since AMD has also created a relatively high performance custom RX Vega M chip that Intel will be shipping in 8th Gen Core CPUs. From there, it would be the new Navi also built using a 7nm process that would suffice the demands of gamers. Ryzen Desktop 2000 CPUs will also use a 12nm production process instead of the 14nm process used when Ryzen first launched a year ago. Keep in mind, what AMD and GlobalFoundries are calling 12nm is better understood as a refinement and improvement of GF's existing 14nm technology. The company expects a performance uptick of at least 10 percent over the current generation. 2nd-gen Ryzen will be built on a 12nm process using the Zen+ architecture, which includes minor optimizations to first-gen Zen. GlobalFoundries has previously indicated it wants to be in 7nm production by the end of 2018, which would square with a 2019 introduction for Zen 2.

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That means you might get some improved overclocking, but aside from the I/O performance the old 300-series boards aren't going to be too far off the pace of the new chipset when it comes to getting those new 12nm chips rocking. You'll be able to buy an AM4-compatible Ryzen processor with integrated Vega graphics as soon as February 12.

In April, AMD will release updated versions of it's Ryzen processors, now called 2nd generation Ryzen.

As CES 2018 kicks off, AMD is preparing fans for the future of Ryzen with a look at its roadmap for the years ahead. The Ryzen 5 2400G is clocked at 3.6GHz with a boost speed of 3.9GHz and will cost $169 (approximately Rs. 10,695).

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The more powerful Ryzen 3 2300U processor offers four physical cores and has only been pared down in terms of its clock rate, graphics unit and Hyper-threading (SMT) capability. That core seems primed to go up against Intel's Apollo and Gemini Lake, which offer four Atom cores and fairly weak GPU performance.

What AMD did announce on the Vega front is Vega Mobile, a discrete GPU offering for ultrathin gaming notebooks. A new Radeon Instinct MI25 accelerator for machine learning applications will be AMD's first 7nm chip. There's no word of any down-market Vega introductions that would push it into Polaris' territory, and it's not clear if AMD will bring its 7nm Vega to market as a consumer product. And as a quick note, AMD also revealed that modern Radeon cards will support HDMI 2.1 with variable refresh technology, so that's kinda neat. For those of you who like the AMD Wraith CPU coolers, the Wraith Prism was also shown off, with its direct contact heat pipes, switchable overclock fan profile, rainbow RGB ring, illuminated fan blades and "dark mode for RGB heathens". Aside from the HP, Acer and Lenovo systems we've already seen, more devices from these OEMs along with the likes of Dell and Asus are in the pipeline.

Somewhat buried in the previous year of CPU launches, AMD also released quite a few new APUs that combine Zen processor cores with Vega graphics.

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