Armenian man killed in Turkish shelling of Afrin

Armenian man killed in Turkish shelling of Afrin

Armenian man killed in Turkish shelling of Afrin

He said the Pentagon would not support any Kurdish efforts to reallocate resources to battle Turkey in the northwest.

The main Syrian Kurdish militia, which is fighting in Afrin and controls some 25 percent of Syrian territory, has also declined to attend the conference in Sochi, saying it holds Russian Federation responsible for the Turkish offensive.

Russia's foreign minister opened a Moscow-sponsored peace conference for Syria on Tuesday by saying that time is ripe to end the "painful" conflict the war-torn Arab country. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey's incursion into a Kurdish-held enclave in Syria is progressing "successfully" and will continue until the last "terrorist" is eliminated. Speaking on Sunday, President Erdogan said the campaign could now be extended to other parts of the 500-mile Turkish-Syrian border, to create a 20-mile "security zone".

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The initial focus on the Turkish assault has been in the Afrin border region.

"Surrendering Afrin to the Syrian regime, that's impossible", he said, adding however that the regime has yet to give a formal reply.

While the bungled announcement of United States plans to incorporate the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in a 30,000 Syrian strong border force appears to be the temporary justification, the attack was long in the making: the Turkish government had been openly threatening military action in Afrin for more than a year.

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So far Damascus has only condemned the Afrin assault as a "brutal Turkish aggression".

"The Kurds should take responsibility for what they have done. the Syrian state is not at their service and can't just be called when you need it", he said.

Kurdish officials told AFP that Moscow had offered them protection against Turkey if they relinquished their territory to the regime and that Russian Federation pulled its air support when they refused. As many as 311 people have been detained in the past week in Turkey for allegedly engaging in "terrorist propaganda" through social media postings critical of the military operation.

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