Male infertility among many side effects linked to ibuprofen

Male infertility among many side effects linked to ibuprofen

Male infertility among many side effects linked to ibuprofen

Their trial on 31 healthy men who volunteered for the study found that a 1,200mg-a-day dose of ibuprofen induced compensated hypogonadism within 14 days.

The new study isn't the first to suggest that ibuprofen has downsides.

Ibuprofen is good for a headache, but for male fertility not so much, a new study found.

'Ibuprofen appears to be the preferred pharmaceutical analgesic for long-term chronic pain and arthritis.

While this effect wasn't permanent, the researchers warned that prolonged use of ibuprofen by men could lead to low testosterone production - which might end up harming their fertility.

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Aspirin, the best-selling NSAID on the USA market, was initially linked to stomach problems but was thought to be otherwise safe.

The study shows that it has a negative impact on the testicles of young men, altering their sex hormone production and affecting their reproductive health. That works out to three ibuprofen tablets per day if you're taking a typical 200mg/tablet product.

The finding comes after repeated warnings from other researchers that ibuprofen can raise the risk of heart attacks in the general population and cause medical problems for pregnant women and their babies, including a more than doubling of the risk of miscarriage.

Typically seen in older men and smokers, the condition describes when the testes produce an insufficient amount of testosterone.

Previous research by European scientists showed that male babies whose mothers took ibuprofen experienced disturbances to their endocrine system, according to CNN. Before he stepped down in November 2016 he asked players about their use of over-the-counter painkillers and found that almost half of those who played in the past three World Cups took anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, every day.

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The other 17 men in the study took a placebo.

According to a new study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), men who take ibuprofen for months at a time could also be putting their fertility at risk. The effect was apparent at two weeks and became more pronounced after six weeks of ibuprofen use.

Researchers in Denmark and France have found that ibuprofen can trigger a condition called "compensated hypogonadism" that is otherwise observed in men with reproductive disorders.

"The safety and efficacy of active ingredients in these products has been well documented and supported by decades of scientific study and real-world use", he added.

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