NFL ratings down 9.7% during 2017 regular season

NFL ratings down 9.7% during 2017 regular season

NFL ratings down 9.7% during 2017 regular season

The numbers show that ESPN lost around a million viewers each year since 2010 and the loss revealed a 35 percent decline since then.

Trump attacked the NFL on Twitter for not cracking down on players who kneeled in protest during the pre-game playing of the USA national anthem, encouraging people not to attend games and pointing out ratings declines.

The viewing habits that are disrupting the rest of television are also starting to affect the once seemingly invincible NFL.

The decline in TV ratings for National Football League games accelerated in the recently completed 2017 regular season, though NFL games remain among the most-watched programming on television. Sunday night, Monday night and Thursday night ratings were off.

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An NFL game was watched by an average of 14.9 million people this season, compared with 16.5 million a season ago.

The NFL will cancel the final edition of "NBC Sunday Night Football" for the 2017 season, the first such move since 2006. President Donald Trump said in September that players who protest during the anthem should be "fired", comments that led to widespread protests in Week 3. But as the season went on and the controversy waned somewhat, the ratings decline narrowed. That is a drop of 1.6 million viewers, a 9.7 percent reduction.

NBC's "Sunday Night Football" is now on pace to be the most-watched prime time show for the seventh consecutive year, and ESPN's "Monday Night Football" is still king among males ages 18-49 every week.

However, the National Football League has recently made an aggressive push to increase its digital presence, and will continue to do so to hedge against TV viewership losses moving forward.

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The NFL RedZone also might be a factor in taking fans away from watching the daytime games on CBS and FOX.

Online video highlights are also cutting into TV time.

Despite the drop in NFL ratings, Nielsen data shows that the 20 of the 30 highest-rated shows on television in 2017 were football games.

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