Super Mario Odyssey is Getting Free Update

Super Mario Odyssey is Getting Free Update

Super Mario Odyssey is Getting Free Update

Super Mario Odyssey is finally allowing Luigi out of the basement in Luigi's Balloon World mode, a new mode with two competitive options: Hide It, and Find It. Why not drop them on the new outfits coming to the game? Once players have beaten Super Mario Odyssey and download the free update, the new Balloon based challenge will be available.

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In "Hide It", players will hide balloons within a 30 second time limit throughout the different worlds of Odyssey. The second mode is Find It, where players will attempt to find balloons hidden by other players. By having a hard-to-find balloon and finding others' much quicker, you can earn coins and climb up an online leaderboard ranking. Here are the Sunshine Shades and Sunshine Outfit, the Musician Hat and Musician Outfit, and the Knight Helmet and Armor. See the hastily taken screenshot above to see what they look like.

Apple's Safari update protects devices from Spectre flaw
If you're interested in downloading it, it is available to download through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store. Meltdown-specific patches have already released for iOS (11.2), macOS (10.13.2), and tvOS (11.2).

This update will be released in February, so not too long to wait!

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Along with the Balloon World content, the update will also include new Snapshot filters and new costumes.

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