Triple risk: 'Tremendous blue blood moon' to rise January 31

Triple risk: 'Tremendous blue blood moon' to rise January 31

Triple risk: 'Tremendous blue blood moon' to rise January 31

The next total lunar eclipse visible in Edmonton will be on January 20, 2019.

Space observers all around the world are highly enthusiastic since three lunar events will take place simultaneously which are, an extra big super moon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse.

As the moon approaches the horizon at moonset in Paducah, the total eclipse will begin at 6:51 a.m.

Californians and viewers in western Canada will be treated to the total eclipse phase from start to finish, though the penumbral shadow will pass after the Moon has set.

This type of eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon are aligned in a straight line and the earth is between the sun and the moon.

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Canadians in the West will find out early Wednesday, when an extremely rare alignment in the lunar calendar produces what astronomers call a super blue blood moon.

In a few days, we not only have another super moon, but a lunar eclipse, which will be a real sight to look out for. He said that the Grand Strand can see the partial eclipse beginning at 6:48 a.m. and that special eye protection is not required like during a solar eclipse.

A supermoon happens when the moon is full as its orbit takes it closest to the earth.

What is a full moon?

If you live in the Central time zone, viewing will be better, since the action begins when the Moon is higher in the western sky. Since the total eclipse happens right at moonset, it may be hard for people in western Kentucky to see it.

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Partial eclipse ends at 7:11 a.m.

The last time people in North America were treated to a blue moon occurring simultaneously with a total lunar eclipse was over 150 years ago, according to. Long after the socializing fell by the wayside, Johnston's monthly blog lives on, with a dedicated following on NASA's lunar website,

He said many people are "afraid" of eclipses and believe them to be "bad luck" because of false warnings issued by astrologers, which he said is not science.

Said Johnston, "I have always been fascinated by the night sky".

"Other activities include quizzes on the lunar eclipses", he explained.

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"There will be about six members with telescopes on different objects for when it gets darker, so we encourage everyone to get out here, bring their own chairs and picnic stuff if they wish and make a night out of it". It will be visible before sunrise on 31 January from western North America, and because of the global date line, after sunset on 31 January from central and eastern Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand and most of Australia.

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