Child rescued after getting stuck inside arcade claw machine

Child rescued after getting stuck inside arcade claw machine

Child rescued after getting stuck inside arcade claw machine

Evans stated the incident occurred at a Beef "O" Brady's restaurant.

"Often times we say to ourselves that you never know what the next shift will bring".

Mason ended up getting the toys that he wanted, as well as a few others, before returning to eat dinner with his family.

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A young boy in Florida really, really wanted a stuffed toy while visiting an arcade - so much so that he climbed inside a vending machine to get it. "Well, today was no exception".

A crew arrived and, "made short work of the situation", according to the Fire Department, adding that Mason was 'never in distress'. Fire officials rescued him with minimal damage to the game, the post said.

An off-duty lieutenant from the department happened to be having dinner there, too, and he went to offer help when the parents realized their son, who appeared to be about 4 or 5, Sutton said, was inside the glass box.

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As his reward, Mason got three stuffed animals.

"Once we understood the mechanism and how it worked it was pretty easy to get those pins removed and the door open the rest of the way", he said.

Commenters were pleased with happy-ending story and impressed with the agility of the child, whose age was not provided.

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